Boodles - Making the Vintage Lace Necklace

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Follow a mesmerising journey into the creation of the Vintage Lace necklace - one of the most intricate and precious pieces in the Boodles high jewellery collection.

Once the designer has created her work of art, some of the finest British craftsmen bring the jewellery to life, setting flawless diamonds into the lace-inspired necklace. Witness a rare insight into the master craftsmanship that sits at the heart of Boodles through this intimate and sensory experience.

Creativity and craftsmanship are central to all Boodles collections and, consequently, their jewellery designs are very individual. Boodles jewellery is handmade to a high specification at their workshops in Britain. They only create pieces in small quantities and we don't mass produce any designs. They are renowned sticklers for perfection and, it is all about attention to detail. Boodles even hand polish behind the stones before they are set, even though it's not an area that will ever be visible.

Their award-winning team of designers are passionate and dedicated. Every year, they launch contemporary new ranges that are feminine and wearable and showcase our craftsmen's skills with a new Wonderland collection: highly original, collectable jewels that are true one-offs.They favour balanced asymmetry and unexpected details, so that their jewellery surprises and delights.

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