Dinner Display by Dietlin Artisans

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Dietlin Artisans has developed a new exhibition display-case, dubbed the Dinner Display, which offers the world of watchmaking fresh opportunities to showcase its timepieces.
This showcase is placed as a table centrepiece, presenting itself in turn to all of the dinner guests sitting round the table thanks to its ingenious, programmable rotating system. Its battery power means it can operate non-stop for over 15 hours without mains supply.An ingenious system of rotation enables this glass cube to revolve through 360┬░ to present the timepiece individually to everyone seated at the table. The cycle is fully programmable: it can stop rotating in front of each dining guest or can be rotated on demand.

The most daunting challenge: no table provides the facility of a mains-electricity socket. To overcome this hurdle, Dietlin Artisans have developed a very low-power motor connected to a latest-generation lithium-ion battery. This enables the system to continue rotating a mass of 7kg non-stop for 15 hours (including lighting). This battery can be recharged in less than 1hr 20 minutes. That length of running time is unparalleled.

With the innovative Dietlin Artisans Dinner Display taking its place in the exhibition setting, the showcase is kept under continuous surveillance, enhancing the protection of the timepiece on display. Security is thus one of its great strong points: never has a showcase been so well surrounded. Twenty models of this new showcase will be produced for hire as from December 2013. Extra customised models will be available for delivery as from 2014.

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