Montegrappa Snake Pen special hand painted edition

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To complement their Snake Pen 2013, Montegrappa have issued a special hand painted version for connoisseurs.

For this special Snake edition, the overlays are hand-painted with the exclusive Limoges painting technique, individually decorated by Montegrappa's in-house artist, Lorena Straffi. This artistry brings to life, with unparalleled visual intensity, the serpent honoured by the pen itself.

Such accomplishment is the result of personal research undertaken by Lorena Straffi, inspired by her passion for enamelling. It encompasses a millennium of evolution, starting with Byzantine cloisonné to the enamel painting of Limoges, passing through the translucent Tuscan styles in the 1300s, and the techniques used by Cellini in the 1500s, with his astonishing Salt Cellar. The technique developed by the artist is in some ways reminiscent of the brightness achieved with the guilloché technique adopted by Fabergé for their precious works.

Lorena Straffi uses methods based on traditional styles of enamelling. Her process is a multi-stage approach involving meticulous preparation, application and finish. By applying specialised enamels, she is able to create an effect which allows light to penetrate the material and reflect off the surface. This gives the hand painted surface its unique effect, sometimes known as the 'wet effect'. The enamel is baked to give a protective and durable finish. It produces a unique snake pen of singular beauty.

As with all fountain pens in The Snake 2013 Collection, the special hand-painted editions are fitted with ebonite feeders and 18K gold nibs, fed by a piston filling system. All pieces are numbered and offered in an elegant wooden box. Because of the time required to prepare each pen, the hand-painted collection is available as a limited edition of only 88 silver fountain pens and 88 silver rollerball pens.

For more information about the Montegrappa hand-painted snake pen the official site of Luxurious Magazine at or the Montegrappa Italia site:

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