Jaquet Droz Signing Machine Automaton

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Many of you will know the name Jaquet Droz as they created possibly our all-time favourite watch, the Bird Repeater, an amazing timepiece we've featured many times. However it is not just incredible watches they can make, take a look at this, the Jaquet Droz signing machine Automaton, simply incredible.

The Signing Machine Automaton has a 4-digit security code and can be manually wound with a mechanism activated by a lever positioned on the side of the gray and black case. This entirely mechanical, technological gem, with its contemporary, uncluttered design, is manufactured as a bespoke piece for its owner. Simply pressing twice with your finger releases a hinged arm and pen. By means of highly complex movements, driven by a set of cams that are handmade in order to produce a fluid, natural script, The Signing Machine Automaton duplicates its owner’s signature. This operation can be admired through the transparent window that reveals the internal workings. In an age dominated by digital technology, it is a testament to the unique and magical beauty of the exceptional mechanisms bearing the Jaquet Droz hallmark.

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