Kennett Timepieces - The British Watch Company

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Kennett Timepieces is 'British at heart'; this Island's style heritage is embodied into each of their collections. The Kennett UK design Studio is based in the Headquarters where they also carry out assembly and distribution of all of their timepieces.

What Makes Kennett Different?
Kennet take a huge amount of pride in what they produce, classic and stylish looking timepieces, at a price point that is within reach of almost everyone. It is this that drives their ongoing success; at both at home and overseas. Britain is renowned for setting trends and style that stand the test of time. Individuals that invest in their brand are independent tastemakers that others aspire to. From utilitarian chic to classic sophistication there is a Kennett Timepiece to compliment every situation. Wearing a Kennett is about more than just telling the time, it tells a story of style and integrity and knowing that you bought a very good timepiece for far less than others think you have!

In this video Kennett heads to Brooklyn for latest video campaign, featuring British Actor; Casper Zafer - actor in "The Good Wife" & "Vampire Diaries". The new video campaign features Kennett's new Mens model - The Valour.